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Through the Keyhole


Through the Keyhole is a heartbreaking romantic short story. Set in the Victorian Era,  a life of widowhood and arranged marriage pushes two women together.

Fancy Restaurant

I Swear the Monkey Moved


All that seems eerie, might give you true reason to fear. I Swear the Monkey Moved is a horror, pantoum poem that will send a chill up your spine.

Scary Mansion

"Visit the Crescent County Museum, only $7 Admission!"


Night at the Museum meets horror with Visit the Crescent County Museum, only $7 Admission! This short story follows a group of teenagers whose campfire ghost stories go a little farther than expect

Scary Building



Aberfan is a historical fiction short story that honors the victims and family members of the Aberfan Disaster.

Men Hunting with Dogs

Untitled Play (monologue)


The doubt of a granddaughter during tragedy.


Untitled 10-min Play


Undisclosed description

Fancy Restaurant
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